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Kubernetes From Scratch: 01 Getting Started


Hello and welcome to my new course - Kubernetes From Scratch. In this course I am going to show you how to setup Kubernetes from scratch with no tools like Kubeadm, Kubespray etc. Now if you googled this topic there are plenty of tutorials out there to explain it so what makes this guide any different?

Having done this process myself for the first time recently it was very labour intensive and it got me thinking - how could I reproduce this in future without all of the manual work involved and retain the knowledge I learned of Kubernetes? Through building my own automation around that manual process. So through this series we are going to:

  • Create our own golden image with Kubernetes components preinstalled (Packer)
  • Develop infrastructure-as-code to deploy our golden image based infra (Terraform) and accompanying cloud resources
  • Develop Ansible roles for:
    • Creating a CA and certifcates for the Kubernetes components
    • Generating Kubernetes configuation files and encryption keys
    • Deploying ETCD
    • Deploying the control plane
    • Deploying the worker nodes
    • Installing a networking fabric


Before beginning this course you should install / have:


This guide will be heavily based on the priciples defined by Kelsey Hightower’s - Kubernetes The Hard Way and Linux Academy’s course. Do go and check them out as they really helped me!

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